Happy New Year and profile statistics

2013-01-11 09:00:00

Hi guys,

Happy New year to all of you! Bio's Changed has grown a lot last year, so it is nice to look at statistics. What we mainly see is that you often change your profile image than you take the risk to create a new catchy bio. A picture say more then 1000 words they say. Seems to be true.

CNBC asked us to compare two weeks with each other. The week of NYE and a random week in 2012. Nice challenge. The image below is a graphical image of the stats.

You guys likely to change your profile image in the NYE week. In a normal week 12% of the users changes his or her PI. In the last week of 2012 14% changed the image. CNBC tweeted it out this week.

14% of @twitter users changed their avatar in the week around the new year. In the avg. week of 2012, 12.1% changed it. (via @bioischanged)

— The Social Team (@CNBCSocial) January 7, 2013

What's next?

We're busy collecting the most brilliant bio's of 2012. Some people deserve more attention on their hard work of thinking about a bio. You can expect soon a blogpost with the coolest bio's on Twitter. Maybe you get inspiration of it ;-).

Tips? Send us a tweet @BioIsChanged & we judge the tweet by it's originality.

Again; happy 2013!

BioIsChanged Team