What happened this week.

2013-05-18 22:30:00

Hi everyone,

Maybe you noticed it this week. BIC got blocked by Twitter. Our server's IP address was on the blacklist at Twitter's servers. On last thursday we noticed that it was not possible to connect to the servers of Twitter. So it wasn't possible to track any changes of your friends. Our team had an email conversation with Twitter the whole day. Finally they unblocked us at the end of the day. With the following message:

Looking into this -- hope to have you unblocked soon.

On Friday we got blocked again. After a few mails they unblocked us. BIC is working right now and we hope it will be in the future. Our block is a result of our growth last year. BIC has grown enormously in the last year. Twitter said we're on the top of the list of power users of Twitter API. Hopefully they will not block us again. Thank you for your support and if you have any questions feel free to send a tweet or an email :)

Enjoy your weekend!